Jared Cavaness
Executive Director of Operations

I consult my sabermetrics baseball analytics charts before making big decisions. Who doesn’t?

I’m a highly competitive person. Prior to working at Pro Star, overseeing all distribution operations for Tennessee and Utah, I attended the University of Utah on an athletic scholarship in baseball and later became the youngest director at Overstock.com. You’d think I’d leave the competition at work, but I can’t. When home with my wife and daughters, I find myself competing for attention with the other male in the house—my dog. He’s a traitor.

Fun Facts

Myself in 3 words: Competitive. Energetic. Thoughtful.
Childhood Dream Career: Professional baseball player or a paediatrician.
Ideal Super Power: Flying, super strength and the ability to prevent death.
Guilty Pleasure: Marvel Contest of Champions (my wife told me to get a hobby).

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